Sunday. 23 October 2016

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About Us

What is Exaro?

Exaro is an online service that investigates issues that are important to business in particular and to the public in general, but which are being inadequately covered – or ignored – by the mainstream media.  

Our specialisms are in-depth investigation and analysis. We investigate the decisions and actions of people in power. We root out material to provide insight, often using the increasing volume of data made available by public bodies, information that is rarely scrutinised.

For each investigation, we are committed to:

  • searching for the facts;
  • finding out all the relevant information;
  • regularly updating what we uncover.

Exaro is for people who want to be well informed about public governance, international affairs, and economic and commercial issues.

“Exaro” is a Latin word; it is the first-person singular of the verb, “exarare”, which means to plough, to dig up, or to inscribe on a wax tablet. “Exaro” is pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable, just like “excavate”.




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