Friday. 4 September 2015

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Found: more secret files on allegations of sex offences by ‘VIPs’

Confidential files on alleged sexual offences by members of the House of Lords have been unearthed by Exaro. Scotland Yard sent two documents with the details to the National Archives. Each concerns a “peer of the realm”, the contents remain secret and the documents have been ordered to remain closed for up to 75 years – far longer than the traditional 30.

Police are still sifting items seized from raid on Harvey Proctor

Detectives are still examining items seized nearly six months ago in their raid of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor’s home, Exaro can reveal. The time spent on sifting through a large number of seized items is understood to be one reason why the police investigation into the ex-MP is taking so long. Proctor called a press conference on Tuesday to denounce the police.

Video: Esther Baker on how police have stepped up abuse case

Detectives have turned their scoping operation into allegations of child sex abuse by a former Liberal Democrat MP and others into a full-scale criminal investigation. They are investigating allegations by Esther Baker, who has waived her right to anonymity, that she was sexually abused as a girl by a group a paedophiles that included the former MP, police officers and others.

Sir Edward Heath: dozen police probes across UK become one

More than a dozen police forces joined a nationwide investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by former prime minister Sir Edward Heath. Exaro can reveal the astonishing explosion in the number of investigations, which led to an announcement today that one force, Wiltshire Police, will lead on the Heath allegations. Seven police forces were previously known to be investigating separate allegations against Heath.

Sir Edward Heath: Met also investigates claims of child sex abuse

Scotland Yard has for nearly 10 months been investigating allegations of child sex abuse by former British prime minister Sir Edward Heath, Exaro reveals today. Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service started to investigate Heath after a key witness, an abuse survivor, asked Exaro to arrange a meeting with them. Exaro named the abuse survivor as “Nick” to protect his real identity.

Ken Clarke: police assure me that they are not investigating me

Former chancellor Kenneth Clarke today said that police had assured him that they were never investigating him for sexually abusing a boy. A spokeswoman for the Conservative grandee contacted Exaro today following our report at the weekend about how the Old Bailey was told that South Yorkshire Police was investigating Clarke over an allegation that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy.

Ken Clarke: police investigate second claim of indecent assault

Detectives are investigating Tory grandee Kenneth Clarke over an allegation that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy, Exaro can reveal. The police investigation into the former Conservative cabinet minister was raised during a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey in the case against Ben Fellows, who was cleared on Thursday in relation to a claim that he made to police about Clarke.

Ben Fellows cleared of attempting to pervert course of justice

Actor Benjamin Fellows was today cleared of attempting to pervert the course of justice by falsely claiming that ex-chancellor Kenneth Clarke indecently assaulted him. A jury of nine women and three men found Fellows not guilty as charged following an eight-day trial at the Old Bailey. The verdict, delivered after eight hours of deliberations, was greeted with cheers from the public gallery.

Video: Kincora was used for ‘political leverage’ – Richard Kerr

Former Kincora boy Richard Kerr says in a powerful interview that child sex abuse at the children’s home was all about political leverage. Speaking in the video interview with Exaro, Kerr says that paedophilia at Kincora boys’ home in east Belfast, Northern Ireland was used “to gain leverage over others for political reasons during the Troubles” in comments that will re-ignite the scandal.

Richard Kerr names powerful men who ‘covered up’ Kincora

Former Kincora boy Richard Kerr has finally identified several establishment figures as people who helped to cover up a paedophile network of VIPs. He picked out seven men connected with intelligence, the military, and politics – and even the royal family. He identified three of them as paedophiles. Kerr has been speaking to Exaro since August 2013, but was previously too scared to name names.


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