Sunday. 23 October 2016

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John McDonnell to accuse oil giants of North Sea tax avoidance

Chancellor George Osborne is to be challenged by his opposite number over claims of tax avoidance on oil companies’ revenues from North Sea fields. Labour’s John McDonnell, shadow chancellor, is to demand an explanation from Osborne after a report by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) claimed that major oil companies appeared to have avoided tax on huge revenues from the North Sea.

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Online Media Awards shortlists Exaro for best breaking story

Exaro has been nominated for ‘breaking news story of the year’ in this year’s Online Media Awards for revealing the findings of the Smith review. We have been shortlisted in the awards for online journalism, covering the year to March 2016, for revealing details of the leaked report of the review into sexual abuse by the late BBC star, Sir Jimmy Savile, at the broadcaster.

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Westland’s ‘Mr Fixit’ named in Italian court’s ‘corruption’ ruling

British arms-dealer Christian Michel is named in an Italian court judgment as the central figure in the corrupt sale of UK-made helicopters to India. An appeal court in Italy ruled that two chiefs at the Anglo-Italian helicopter manufacturer, AgustaWestland, provided Michel with €30 million for “corrupt activities” to help win a €560 million deal in 2010 for the sale of 12 AW101 helicopters to India.

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